Cell Day “Paint your Research” Happy Hour!

Let’s CELL-ebrate!

Date: 5pm-7pm November 3rd, 2016    Location: Pacific Hall 3500

Did you know Cell Day is November 3rd?! To CELL-ebrate, BioEASI is hosting a “Paint Your Research” Happy Hour. BioEASI is providing canvas, paint, and snacks for its members to express their research, scientific thoughts, or general love of science in a creative way! Besides creating beautiful expressions of research here at UCSD we hope to borrow and display some of these works of art & science at future BioEASI events. All UCSD Bio graduate students are welcome whether you have been apart of BioEASI or not!

And for your pleasure, some cell facts:

  • Cell is from the latin word cella meaning “small room”
  • Discovery of the cell is largely attributed to Robert Hooke in 1665
  • Hooke discovered the cell by looking a cork plant cell walls
  • Smallest cell?At .0001mm Mycoplasma gallisepticum, a single cell bacteria, is the smallest cell
  • Largest cell? At 15-20 cm Caulerpa taxifolia, an aquatic algae, is the largest cell

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