Exploring the Human Brain! – La Jolla Library Lecture

UCSD Biological Sciences/Salk graduate students Youtong Huang and Gina Powers put on a lecture about the human brain and tools researchers use to explore it at the La Jolla Library in collaboration with the Wet Lab. Along with the lecture there were three interactive stations moderated by BioEASI members for attendees to explore afterwards.

The first station allowed the public to take a tour of the Brian! Preserved sheep brains were available to touch and learn from while Youtong Huang and Amy Pribadi pointed out notable regions and explained their function. At a second station Gina Powers and Anna Guzikowski showed the basic anatomy of and how neurons, the functional unit of the brain, interact. At a third station, Xianygu Ren and Laura Chipman showed how the public could explore the brain themselves on the Allen Brain Atlas. (Click here to download their brain explorer for free!)