BioCHEASI – Guest Lecture at E3 Civic High on the Microbes in Cheese

Ten BioEASI volunteers gave guest lectures to five classes at a charter school in downtown San Diego called E3 Civic High School.  The topic of the first series was using the scientific method to investigate microbial communities.  For this experiment, different groups and combinations of bacteria/fungi were grown together.  After a short lecture, the students were paired and asked to predict what would happen in this communities.  They were given time to look at the plates we had grown, and then used what we had taught them to interpret the results and plan future experiments!

BioEASI volunteers Jose Waterton and Julie Paxman explain to a classroom of students that the diversity of cheese flavors is largely attributable to the different collections of small living organisms, microbes – specifically bacteria and fungi, that reside on it.