BioEASI participating in San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering

Presenting: the Microbes Around Us!

March 4, 2017 at Petco Park

The San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering is a FREE event in downtown San Diego at Petco Park. The EXPO day on March 4th will give attendees a chance to experience interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities and dynamic speakers to engage kids and families in all that encompasses STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

BioEASI is one of over 60 programs that will be participating. The theme for our booth is “The Microbes Around Us!” Microscopic living organisms, or microbes, surround us. A small percentage (<1%) are pathogenic, but a majority have no or even a positive effect on humans! Microbes can thrive in the depths of oceans and the highest reaches of the atmosphere, are being engineered to produce fuel, and are even found in the most familiar of places like cheese. Stop by for an all-ages interactive experience on the microbes in our life! Brought to you by UCSD & Salk scientists currently researching these topics and more.

Sampling of the UCSD & Salk Labs doing microbiology Research

Dr. Rob Knight – How Microbiota Shape our lives –>BONUS: his ted talk

Dr. Rachel Dutton – Microbiological Communities on Cheese

Dr. Janelle Ayres – How Microbes interact with our Body

Dr. Stephen Mayfield – Using Algae to Produce Biofuels


Different Microbe Shapes