Science Communication Workshop #2: “Know Your Audience”

Science Communication Workshop #2: “Know Your Audience” May 19, 2014

LOCATION: Dolores Huerta, Old Student Center, University of California, San Diego
TIME: 1-3 pm

Follow up to science communication workshop #1 (Link to powerpoint presentation)

Effectively communicating science to lay audiences requires a different approach – in both substance and style – than communicating with peers. Lay audiences vary widely in their interest and appreciation of science. They include:

1. Those who see scientists as heroes.
2. Those who like science but have reservations about particular research fields.
3. “Need-to-knowers” who seek science information only when relevant to a problem they’re trying to solve at the moment.

You have to work harder and smarter to reach these audiences. The good news is mastering the techniques to do so will in the long run make you a more effective communicator with professional audiences.

Workshop led by by science-communications expert Lynne Friedmann. Her career has included pioneering high-tech agency Regis McKenna Public Relations, public information officer for the Developmental Biology Center (UC Irvine), and her own communications consulting firm. Among her clients: National Academy of Sciences, The Salk Institute, Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the San Diego Zoo. As a freelance journalist, she has written on topics ranging from astrophysics to zoology. She is editor of ScienceWriters magazine, published by the National Association of Science Writers. An award-winning professional, she is a fellow* of three professional associations in recognition of her “leadership and significant contributions to the public communication of science and technology.” She also teaches Science Writing I and II at UCSD extension.

*Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
*Fellow, Association for Women in Science
*Fellow, Public Relations Society of America